Beta grabbed the attention of players at high speed and is unlikely to start to subside. Yes, in appearance you will see that it reminds you of the usual adventures, but do not renounce, this time everything will be new.

Beta mope.ioThe gaming market constantly presents us with complex and fascinating entertainments, which can sometimes be so tight that it is then difficult to escape from the embrace of pleasure. But each one has to explore something completely new and unique, in order to get a fresh portion of pleasure and try to achieve a good result, gradually developing himself on a variety of sides.

Today we are ready to present you with a unique and unique entertainment product that will send you to the green world and offer an unusual concept of competition.

Terms and conditions of Beta

Now it will be a little different, because the main characters of Beta will be animals. It will be necessary to get all the food to live, compete with other players and try to take the leading positions of competition among the ranks. But not as simple as it seems at first glance. As in similar games, you have to look for food in the location, beware of other users. But this time evolution will bring some interesting features.

For example, there is a division between herbivores and predators. As one can guess, each individual has its own priorities in food, therefore, you must take this into account when you play, then you need to strive for the next level of development. But if you can evolve as much as possible, then you will become a dragon, who is omnivorous in its qualification.

Beta controlAbundance of different assemblies

The second pleasant moment in Beta game will be that you will have a favorable chance to download a variety of versions, as it was before. Satisfactory use of our site and you will have at your disposal a development with sewed cheats, with the ability to run in full screen and many other benefits. We do not particularly restrict you, you can instantly play freely available online options.

Constant patches and relevance

In addition, we are actively interested in all the cheats and improvements Beta games, so if you use our resource as a source, then you will have all the necessary information. It includes updates, editing rules, exiting add-ons and so on. We closely follow all these moments, you will always be aware of every last change. Plus, we immediately download new items on the page to be among the testers, enough to be our participant.

This is a universal development with great potential, which is awarded with participation. It's fun to entertain, it's not demanding on skills and will definitely become part of your collection of especially valuable PvP confrontations. Play and win!