Beta game

Beta game will be sent to an adventure full of gambling and offering a lot of opportunities in terms of realizing their own abilities. The game will have to become a simple animal, which is obliged to move along the evolutionary chain. At first, it is shallow, then becomes larger and thus gets to a huge dragon.

Such an active growth is carried out by absorption of food products and other individuals. Gradually, in Beta game will come across herbivores and predators and it is worth noting that in both cases it is necessary to choose a specific set of food. But do not rush to various actions.

Given that this option is multi-user, it is necessary to know that battles will occur through competition with other players. Therefore, everyone will strictly follow their principles. Each opponent will be unpredictable, strong and dodgy. But despite this diversity of skills, the confrontation must end, and that means sooner or later, someone will lose, become a winner or a defeated one.

Are you ready to test yourself? Do you have the strength to last till the very end? To learn these details, it is enough to become a participant in the confrontation and try to achieve success. Good luck!