Play Beta

Have you ever played Beta or just watched the animals of this fascinating game? Have they watched what a complex food chain they have? And how do they hunt each other? It's time to dilute your gray everyday life and discover something new and interesting. We suggest you become this individual of natural origin and do everything for survival, along the way receiving the charms of evolutionary progress.

But do not rush to conclusions, consider that this interactive adventure is designed for PvP confrontation, and therefore you will need to fight with other players who do not exactly give the descent and odds.

Try attentively play Beta scan your online rivals, learn the features of the competition and act. It's simple and customary, at first you need to become a sweet pet who will eat simple waste, then grow into a more inspiring individual and then become a dragon. True, the framework between development is quite large, and other rivals around full, it will not be easy, but we believe in your strength!